The cold winter we've been having here has made for some excellent fishing. We have spent alot of time along the beach's chasing Jack's  & Cobia. Spinner Shark's have been arriving  in good number's, although quite moody.  We've had day's were we would see alot of them & they would leave as soon the 1st false cast was made. In tight to the beach's there was the best Pompano bite in along time.

Inside the river has yielded Pompano,Lady Fish , ,Blue's, & Jack's. The wind has made offshore trips difficult, but when we have went the Kingfish bite was as good as it gets.

 Yesterday we fished Jensen Beach. No wind  & not a ripple on the water, which was off color & cold. We didn't find any water temp. above 58 degree's, however the fishing was excellent. Spanish Mac's, Blue's ,Pompano, &  Trout kept us busy and our lines tight all day. Doug you are the man up there.




We've been spending most of our time fishing the back country and intercoastal for Snook & Jack which have been taken on every outing on an all white gurgler. These fish have been holding tight along the mangrove shore line's & sea wall's. While fishing in the Hobe Sound area we have found Lady Fish & Jack's on sinking line's eating wh/chart Clouser's. We also have gotten into some nice blitz's of Jack's.

Hit the light's last night & an all white schminnow w/pearl flash just crushed the Snook. We also got our 1st Horse Eyed Jack under a light.  We've had a cold snap come thru last week & another one coming this weekend. Hopefully will get some stable weather so we can get out front & find some Bruiser Jack's. The few offshore trip's we've made has produced Albie's to 12#'s & some 8-10# King's along w/one small Cobia. We had some huge school's of Sardine's show up & these fish were found w/them. I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Bent rod's & screaming reel's for the new year.



Sorry for the late report. The fall run in Montauk was by far the slowest I have ever seen. There were so many day's of heavy wind. The Albie's that we got into were pretty big for Montauk.  We had a few day's w/really good Bass fishing, but we did not have the epic blitz's that Montauk is known for. I did get to do a little Steelheading ( one of my favorite fish ) in Pulaski & it was slow there as well. I got a phone call the day after I was there & heard it went off.  Know that Im back here in Fla.we've been having heavy wind's  & have not been able to get out on the ocean. We've been fishing the skiff inside & doing well. Load's of Jack's & Lady fish in the I.C.W. We were up on the Loxahatchee River on thursday & saw a few Tarpoon rolling, but couldn't get one to eat. Today we spent a few hour's in the inlet & caught Jack's & Snook up to 32".



  The fishing here has just been stellar. Offshore has been yeilding plenty of King Mackrel in the 10-18# range. There's still plenty of Albie's out there. The beach's have been were we've been spending alot of time. There's been huge school's of Glass Minnow's,Pilchard's, & Sardine's. Feeding on these bait's have been Blue Runner's, Spanish Mackrel, Lady Fish, & Snook . We've even had some Albie's. The one fish that we've been seeing every morning, but unable to get is the Tarpoon. Yesterday we had one go thru a school of Minnow's 20 feet off the beach. The Mullet run has not yet started , but it should w/in a few. This is the last report for awhile as i'm headed up north for the fall run.


Just got back from Colorado & had a blast. Fishing was good nothing big. All fish were taking on drie's (Olive Caddis) Spent alot of time sight seeing w/my wife.

 Fishing here was still going strong b/f we left. Snook were still on the beach's. Mostly small, but we did hang another 20#er. There's been Spanish Mackrel on the inshore rock pile & even got a few from the beach. Went along the beach to the north one day & didn't find any Snook, but found 3 of the biggest Jack's i've ever saw following the huge school's of Sardine's.Fished one of the wreck's in 60 foot of water & we got blue Runner's Rudder Fish & samll Amber Jack's. Had one fish that took us into the rock's & broke off, @ least it was @ the leader & didn't ruin a fly line. Offshore was still yeilding Albie's & Runner's. The King's started chewing real good. The problem now is the weather. East wind's 15 - 20 mph will keep me @ the tying table.


Fished the beach the past 3 day's & have had incrediable Snook fishing. Start @ 6:00 a.m. & fish till 9:00 a.m. 1st day get my 1st strike & the Snook just went thru the 30# shock. Retie on the same fly ( Kinky Fibre Baitfish  4" white/Chartreuse w/Paerl Flash ) & walk the beach & get a take set the hook & it's off to the race's. Dodging people & dog's & see the fish in the surf & was in shock to see the size of her almost 20#'s. Day 2 same set up & were out there 15 minute's & my friend get's eaten & land's a healthy 15# Snook. Walk the beach alittle & send out a cast & on the 5th strip I feel like I stuck the bottom. I now there's only sand out there, so I set the hook. I feel the fish & see my fly line go out w/alot of backing. Walking to the south then the north & then back to the south & see the fish roll on the surface about 60 feet out & can see she's a big Cow. Get her to the 1st wave 3 time's b/f my friend can lip her. My only fish for the day, but she went 30#'s. Day 3  same fly 2nd cast I get a Snook about 2#'s. Walk the beach to the north & hit a fish that I can't stop & she spit's the hook. Start casting again & I get another take & I hit the fish hard & get her in & it's a 12#er. Start heading south to where I started & get a violent hit, set the hook & off to the race's again. Land the Snook & she's almost 20#'s.

 Will be back offshore now for the Albie's & hopefully the King's will show back up.



The wind has finally shifted to the east. With all the west wind we've had has made the fishing alittle on the slow side. Don't get me wrong we've been banging the Albie's realy good, but know that we've been having the wind out of the east it has just fired up the fishing. This past week has had the Albie's on a tear. 30 - 40 fish day's has not been out the question. The biggest Albie this past week was an 18#er. Mixed in there's been alot of Dolphin to 8#'s ( Not huge but they still taste great ) Also the King's are starting to show. The down side is there's been an abundance of the men in the brown suit's. Today we lost 8 Albie's to them.


The fishing here has been awesome. We've been fishing along the beach's alot this past week & have found Tarpon along w/Big Jack's. We have not put a Tarpoon in the boat, but have put them in the air. The Jack's have been in the 30# range & these fish are brutal. There's also been some Spanish Mackrel around. The offshore scene has been yeilding Albie's ( upto 15#'s ) along w/Blue Runner's & alot of nice size Rainbow Runner's. The bad new's is the King's have seem to have departed for now. The good new's is we haven't had to deal w/any Shark's lately.


 The wind's from last week have finally left ( except for the afternoon T-Storm's ) & we've been able to get to the offshore fishing ground's. The big Albie's have moved in & the little guy's have moved out. The biggest Albie was 15#'s & the smallest went 6#'s. Early morning & late afternoon's the King's have been chewing fly's w/a vengance. Most of the King's are between 8 & 10#'s. We did get acouple around 15. Seeing King's sky rocket bait's is a sight to see. On tuesday morning on the way to meet the King's in 65 feet of water we saw load's of Albie's busting flyer's. We watched a flyer take to the air & when he landed he lost his life. Found a large leather back turtle w/about 10 nice Cobia on him, they took off to depth's unknowm. Also this week we got into some big Blue Runner's & saw a school of the biggest Rainbow Runner's i've seen. Dock light Snooking has been getting better w/the breader's starting to move out toward's the ocean.




5/13/09  The Albie's are here in big number's. We've been having to weed thru alot of 2-3#er's to get the big boy's. Mixed in we've been getting into some small Amberjacks & had a few school's of large Jack Crevalles come by but they didn't want to play. The afternoon King bite has been really good this week. Yesterday we had a 22# Dolphin in 67 feet of water (about a mile off the beach) & then hooked 9 King's, but were only able to get 2 to the boat.