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Posted by Only On A Fly on Sunday, September 30, 2018,
The beach's have been unfishable this past week due to the east wind's producing waves & a lot of weed's. The river has plenty of Mullet but the wind has been making for tuff fishing, Dock light's have been good.

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Posted by Only On A Fly on Saturday, September 22, 2018,
Beach fishing for us the past few days has only yielded Jack's. There's been plenty of Pilchards & Mullet .Dock lights have been fishing very well but small fish.The river has plenty of Mullet with Jacks & Tarpon on them.

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Posted by Only On A Fly on Monday, September 17, 2018,
Beach fishing has been o.k. We had some surf from Hurricane Florence. The Mullet run has been going pretty good in the river the past few day's. Over the weekend we put 6 Tarpon in the air all on yellow popper's. There's been Jack's of different size's blitzing in the channel. Peacock Bass fishing was pretty good despite the low & weedy water.

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Posted by Only On A Fly on Sunday, September 9, 2018,
We've been only been on the beach the past few day's. Everyday it's been different bait from tiny Pilchards Big Pilchards  Glass Minnows to sardine's. Snook fishing has been pretty good last night we hooked a Tarpon but no match with 30 # shock.White/Olive & White/Chartreuse bait fish patternsin 4-5".

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Posted by Only On A Fly on Wednesday, September 5, 2018,
The weather has been windy & has put a lot of weed a long the beachs. We hit the light's this morning with a strong out going tide & the fishing was awesome. Size 4 all white Schminnow's. When the sun came up we headed up river for top water Tarpon had a few eats but Trout sets dont work on them. Only landed a Lady.

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Posted by Only On A Fly on Saturday, September 1, 2018,
Still having easterly winds here & it looks like its going to stay this for another week. The problem is it brings in weeds & so we have some ruff surf along with dealing with the weeds. The good thing is there's plenty of Pilchards a long the beach will Snook on them. We've done pretty good with a white & olive wig hair Clouser about 3-4" long. Peacock fishing was pretty good as well.

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