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Posted by Only On A Fly on Monday, March 30, 2015,
The river has fished very poorly this week. Dock light Snooking was very good. Starting to see some bigger fish in. We started swinging fly's again & it's been producing. Size 2 all white with about 12 wrap's of 0.15 lead wire.

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Posted by Only On A Fly on Tuesday, March 24, 2015,
Fishing this week we stayed in the river.Dock light Snooking has been very good small all white fly's on size 2 & 4's. Top water action early morning has been good. Starting to see nice size Snook & big Jack's busting Mullet. Big Yellow popper's & all White spun deer hair Mullet pattern's on size 2/0.

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Posted by Only On A Fly on Tuesday, March 17, 2015,
We just got from 10 day's on the Salmon River in N.Y. Fishing was very good. Everyday it was different pattern's that worked. Wolly Bugger's ( size 8 ), Black Stone's ( size 10 - 12 ) & Egg pattern's ( size 12 ). Probably the last trip till the fall.
If ever heading up I recommend staying @ The Mid River Lodge ( 315-298-2268 ). Mike the owner is a great day.

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Posted by Only On A Fly on Thursday, March 5, 2015,
Dock light Snook fishing was pretty good this week. We spent most of the week fishing popper's early in the morning in the river. We got big Snook Jack's & Blue fish to eat them problem was staying connected. The past 3 day's fished them same guy & he had over 20 eat's.

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