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Posted by Only On A Fly on Monday, June 22, 2015,
Offshore fishing this week was excellent. We had a lot of Albie's in the mid to upper teen's. Biggest going 18#'s. Shark's have been pretty bad. Beach fishing was a little slow again. There's plenty of Pilchard's along the beach's. We ran the beach on friday for Tarpon & hooked 6. Finished the day at the inlet for Snook & it was pretty good.

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Posted by Only On A Fly on Monday, June 15, 2015,
 Offshore this week was excellent.The big Albie's have arrived. All week we had shot's at Cobia & Dolphin along with Rainbow Runner's. The Shark's have been taking there share of hooked fish.

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Posted by Only On A Fly on Monday, June 8, 2015,
The beach's have been alittle slow with Snook. It's still alittle early. Offshore has been pretty good. This week we got into some very small Dolphin, Albie's, Hooked a few King's & Cobia. There's been a lot of Rainbow Runner's. Still haven't seen the big number's & size of Albie's as of yet.

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Posted by Only On A Fly on Monday, June 1, 2015,
Last week was a bust heavy wind's & some Rain. B/F the blow hit the beach & got 1st Snook of season from the sand. Hooked 1 that almost spooled me fought her for about 210 minute's till hook pulled. Offshore today was excellent. Load's of Albie's & Rainbow Runner's. While getting bait this morning found some Snook & hooked 2 landed 1.

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