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Posted by Only On A Fly on Sunday, May 12, 2013,

Snook fishing under the light's this week has been very good. Got into a few fish that were alittle much for the 7 wt to pull them out of the dock's. Also got into some very large Moon fish. Most fish were caught on a White Schminnow w/a jiggy head on a size 2.

 Offshore was pretty good yesterday. Had a tuff time getting chum bait's. Condition were great for the 1st hour & then the wind picked up & it got alittle bumpy. We hooked 6 Albie's & landed 5. The 1st fish was a good 1 & the rest were ...

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Posted by Only On A Fly on Monday, May 6, 2013,
All fishing last week was done @ night. Snooking has been very good under the light's. We hit fish on spun deer hair Mullet, big popper's Albie Whore's in all white  & white/chartreuse. Where starting to see alot of bigger fish now. We hooked 3 nice fish last week on to have them run into the pilling's & break us off. There's Snook along the beach's ocenan side.

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