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Posted by Only On A Fly on Monday, October 29, 2012,
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18 hour's b/f I was suppose to fly out to Oregon I spoke w/my friend & he said fishing was very slow. Changed flight & went upto Pulaski N.Y. Fishing was very good, but trip got cut short due to Hurricane Sandy.

 Water flow the 1st day was low but we did pretty good w/Steelhead nothing very big, but fish were very bright. 2nd day they bumped the water flow upto 900 cfs which brought on alot of leave's flowing down river & made for hang up's.Temp's were in th...
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Posted by Only On A Fly on Monday, October 22, 2012,
Havent been out much lately due to boat issue's & weather. Nite time Snooking has been very good. Offshore still producing small BFT & Dolphin.

 Heading out west tomorrow to fish for Steelhead ( My Favorite ) on the Grand Ronde  River In Oregon. Doing a 5 day float/camping trip. Will not have access to computer or cell phone for the next week.

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Posted by Only On A Fly on Saturday, October 6, 2012,
Bait was easy to get today, but fishing was very slow. Had 5 bite's this morning. Landed a small Black Fin Tuna & a decent Dolphin. BFT's would come up blast the chum bait & as fast as they came is as fast as they left.
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