Tried to load up the livewell w/Pilchard's & coudln't lift the net into boat by myself. Unfortunately the net get twisted & alot of the bait didn't survive. We decided to just go out as we had so much bait. Started out in 600 feet nothing then 800 feet nothing decided to alittle shallower & see a floating board. As we get closer we see there's some small fish under it & then the water just lit up. For over an hour we were catching nice size Dolphin. Feed them so much that they didn't want to eat any live bait we thru.

 We headed in alittle shallower to about 150 feet & start chumming. Start seeing some nice bust, we hook up to a small Black Fin Tuna. We couldn't get the bigger BFT's in closer, but we did manage to get into some nice size Albie's.