Since we sold the Contender ( New one should be ready end of Oct. ) we've only been fishing the river. The river is full of Mullet & Glass Minnow's. Were not having a problem finding big Snook & baby tarpoon, problem is staying buttoned to them. Fishing 8wt's w/floating line's w/deer hair & big crease fly's. We've hooked & jumped some Tarpoon & had probably the biggest Snook i've ever seen eat the deer hair mullet. We watched theis fish eat take some line & come up shaking it's head & never set the hook.There's been some Jack's around also. The dock light's & bridge's have been outstanding. This week we've had some really nice fish on 3" Glass Minnow pattern's. Had one on tuesday night that was to much on the 7wt. Couldn't stop the fish & she found the bridge pieling.