Haven't been out much due to wind & rain we had last week. Tried to get offshore on monday but it started to rain & wind came up as I was getting ready to leave, good thing that it did as trailer giving me problem's. Can't get part until monday. Went out yesterday afteernoon to fish the spillway. On way up there we found small Jack's blitzing rainbait under the Central Blvd bridge. Up @ the spillway we saw a giant Carp but showed no interest to the Black Clouser. Saw some Baby Tarpoon rolling along the shore line got 1 to eat a gurgler, but angler not paying attention missed the strike. We then headed to the flat's & the wind had picked up alittle. We got some sm. Jack's on popper's & missed a few Snook. Saw some lighting & it was time to call it.

 With the down time we had it game me some time to start tying for the trip upto the Salmon River in N.Y. in Nov.