Hit the beach yesterday morning & the water has cleard up. It was alittle ruff, but it was loaded w/Lady fish & Glass Minnow's. Hit the light's this morning & got a few small Snook, but they were very picky. Before the sun came up we decided to give the bridge a try w/some bigger fly's b/c we could here alot of busting fish. Anchored up w/strong outgoing tide & tried a Black/Purple Tarpoon Bunny & as it swing's past the bridge it get's eaten. Feel's like a good fish on the 7wt. but it was under slot. Tried a Brown/Orange wig hair fly & got another fish about same size.

 It's time now to go upto fish the flat's for some big Snook. There was plenty of Mullet & Snook. We had 4 good shot's @ cruising fish. It was not our day as 3 of the shot's could not get cast to them either knot in line or cast hitting trolling motor.
 The 1 that did track fly would not commit.