Fished the river the other day & w/low water early in the morning we had very little of the flat to work. There were a few Snook taking Mullet, but got side tracked when we saw some Baby Tarpoon rolling. Had 1 come a take a shot @ a Yellow Popper but never got tight. There were some good push's in the chanell & motored over to see what it was. They were very small group's of large Jack's & they were very skidish. Had 1 track a white deer hair fly right to boat & ver off.

 Will be off the water for a few day's due to Tropical Storm Isaac. This will probably push the Albie's from here. It was a great run this year that started in mid April. This was the best year i've seen here in number's & size. Biggest fish was taken in July by Carlos from PA that went 18#'s.

 Only On A Fly in now on Fae Book.