Offshore has been fishing well lately. Still catching alot of King's & the Albie's have gotten bigger. Good thing is we haven't encounterd to many Shark's. The beach's are starting to produce some Snook. We've been doing some sight fishing for them early afternoon's & having some success. The problem was w/the weekend there's alot of peopke on the beach & they stop to talk right when the fish are cruising by & we can't get off many cast's. We had a Tarpoon track a fly doing this for about 10 feet & then just turned away. That would have been awesome to get a Tarpoon from the beach.

  Today we went up the Loxahatchee River looking for some big Snook. Well we found 1 pushing a big wake threw the top water & she turned & came upto eat & the guy went to set the hook alittle to early. Now we decide to run the beach to see what we could find. We came across some Tarpoon rolling , but couldn't get any to eat. Run the beach about 2 mile's in the other direction & see a big push coming our way. Not Tarpoon but a school of giant Jack's. Throw the 12wt w/a small Tarpoon fly & this Jack just leave's the scholl & eat's the fly hook set & the fish take's off w/the school & the leader pop's. We start looking for the school again & think we find them, but it's not it's a school of Tarpoon. Throw @ them let it sink alittle & start the retrieve & one eat's. The fish start's running & the guy never set's the hook. It was a great day on the water even thou we didn't put a fish in the boat.