The Snook fishing along the beach's has yet to realy turn on. The bait has shown up in large number's. While running the beach's we've encounted small school's of large Jack's feeding on Mullet & Greenie's. Hooked a few on large ultra hair fly's (  Olive/White ) either they came unbuttoned or broke off. Also hooked 2 Tarpoon. One of these day's will put one of them in the boat. Offshore has had steady action of Albie's ( upto 16 #'s ), Rainbow & Blue Runner's. The King's have thinned out, but we should have another good shot @ them w/the up coming full moon. The Dolphin fishing has been very sparse, we had one come into the chum yeaterday. The fly was thrown to @ him but got eaten by an Albie b/f he could charge the fly.