Offshore fishing has been excellent. The drop has been loaded w/big Albie's, Blue Runner's, some small Dolphin & even some Big Cobia. Had Bill from Cal. out for 3 day's his last day started out w/jumping a Tarpoon on his 2nd cast. When we started our 1st drift offshore he hooked a huge Albie & 2 Cobia follow it up. Land the Albie & he throw's the fly out & get's the bigger of the 2 Cobia ( 40 #'s ). Later on that day another Cobia come's up & Bill cast's & hook's up & the fish take's him arond the boat & deep into his backing & spit the fly.

 Hit the flat's the past few day's & have had shot's @ huge Snook on top water. This morning started w/the 1st cast getting eaten & missing it the hook set. Had 2 other's come up smack the fly.