There here already. The Albie season has started alittle early this year. Today we had a great morning fishing for False Albacore. We boated 1/2 dozen & they were all over 10#'s. Also we've gotten into alot of small Dolphin this week. They were all small but alot of fun on the 7wt's. Beach's still have some Bluefish & Spanish Mackrel. Last week we made a trip along the beach & found a few school's of Jack's. These weren't the big one's we were hoping for, but they were the 10-15# range. We did mange to hook & have a 35 minute fight w/a huge Jack in the I.C.W. this week. We saw the wake coming & the biggest rod we had was an 8wt. We threw & on the 2nd pop w/the all white gurgler the fight was on. After a few run's into the backing & getting the leader into the rod on the 2nd try the 25# shock wore out. Was probably the biggest Jack i've seen.