The fishing has been very good here. Offshore we've had a couple of day's w/Spanish Mackrel in the 6-8# class. What a blast on the 6wt's. Unfortunately it didn't last long. There's been alot of King Mackrel in the 80 -100 feet depth. These are not the big one's we see in May & June. Most of the King's are in the 6-10# class . There's also been alot of Albie's out there for this time of the yer. Wonder if the Albie fishing that Jupiter is known for down here is going to start early. Along the beach's there's been Sp. Mac's, Blue's & some time's school's of Jack's. Spinner Shark's have strted to show up & anybody that has spent anytime fishing for them know's how moody they can be.

 We've also been spending alot of time in the river targeting Pompano. These fish are like little Permit. They fight as good as they taste. The river has also been producing some Blue's & alot of Lady's. Dock light Snooking has been red hot, mostly small fishWe've even have gotten into some more Red's while hitting the light's.