Offshore fishing has been very slow. Been fishing the river & it's been very good. Load's of Lady fish in there usual spot's. Hit the light's this morning for a 1/2 hour & 1-2 w/Snook & a small Jack. Headed up the Loxahatchee River to hit some sea wall's & it was very good. Found Jack's & Snook busting bait so it was Popper's & Gurgler's in all white. For now on I will alway's ask people who come onboard w/their rod's rigged if they have shock tippet on. First fish on was a large Snook & battle lasted about 4 second's as she went right thru 20# tippet. Picked a small Snook & some Jack's of the wall & saw some bust's in the channel. Found a school of nice size Jack's we were able to pick off 1 & then it started pouring so it was back to the ramp.