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Only On A Fly

18 hour's b/f I was suppose to fly out to Oregon I spoke w/my friend & he said fishing was very slow. Changed flight & went upto Pulaski N.Y. Fishing was very good, but trip got cut short due to Hurricane Sandy.

 Water flow the 1st day was low but we did pretty good w/Steelhead nothing very big, but fish were very bright. 2nd day they bumped the water flow upto 900 cfs which brought on alot of leave's flowing down river & made for hang up's.Temp's were in the 70's & bright sun. Fishing picked up as long as you got a good drift. Last day we fished saturday we got into a relly good spot & hooked over 2 dozen Steelie's & 1 Brown. Landing the fish was another story. Once they made there run into the fast water it was very hard to trun them. Hope Sandy dosen't do much damage as were suppose to go back up on the 9th of nov.

 Fishing here in Florida in not happening w/the weather. Blowing over 20 today & suppose to be like this most of the week. When I left it was blowing preety good.