July 17, 2018
Had a good time at ICAST last week & it was good to see some old friend's from up North.
Offshore is still awesome with False Albcore Rainbow & Blue Runners. We dropped a really nice Dolphin today. There's been a lot of bait on the beach's with some decent size Jack's & Snook.



July 11, 2018
The bait has finally showed on the beach's here & there's been small Jacks & Snook on them.Fished the  Dock light's Sunday night & there still pumping fresh water out so water is dirty. Fishing was pretty slow we got some small Snook & small Jacks. Offshore is still awesome Rainbow Runner's & Albies Shark's were't to bad. Lake was a little low but the Peacock fishing was good.

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July 4, 2018
The weather has been hot & the sea's have been flat. Offshore fishing has been excellent but the Shark's have been horrible. Still plenty of Albies Blue & Rainbow Runners . My Grandson hooked his 1st Black Fin Tuna but unfortunately he lost it, Can't wait to have him out next summer. My Grandson also got his 1st Peacock Bass. Peacock Bass fishing has been pretty good just not seeing as many as we did last year, probably due to the low temp's we had this past winter.

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June 28, 2018
Offshore fishing continues to be red hot. Albie's Blue & Rainbow Runner's & even some Black Fin Tuna.
Had my Grandson out today & he had a blast catching all he wanted.

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June 22, 2018
Offshore has still been fishing really good. Albie's Rainbow Runner's & even got a File Fish. Shark's have been annoying .
Peacock Bass fishing was really good even with all the rain the lake was a little low. yellow/chartreuse closer's with gold flash has been working the best.

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June 18, 2018
Just finished filming 3 days with my brother for The Finchaser TV show The fishing was so good that the camera man even caught quite a few Albies. Offshore fishing was awesome. Big Albies Rainbow Runners small Dolphin& Black Fin Tuna. Dock light's were ok the water is really dirty from the discharge of fresh water. We ended doing some Peacock Bass fishing.

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June 14, 2018
We've been offshore all week & it has been awesome. Albie's have been on the very large side. We had a double header on saturday  with a 20 & 24 ponder. Most fish have been over 12 pound's There's been a small Dolphin & plenty of rainbow Runner's.. Broken to many rod's & lost line's already. The Shark's some day's have been horrible.

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June 8, 2018
With all the rain we've been having the lake have been fishing good for Peacock Bass.

Offshore has been really good with graet number's of Albies Blue & Rainbow Runners. Throw in a few Dolphin we lost & a nice Cobia that got away from a pair of Sharks chasing it.

We fished the beach this morning water clarity was very good decent amount of bait but no predators.

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June 1, 2018
With all the rain that's been falling the past 2 week's the river the river is really off color, but it hasn't effected the Snook bite @ night. Offshore fishing has been epic this week. Dolphin & the Albie's have shown in number's & size.

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September 24, 2017
When were able to fish the beach it's been pretty good with Jack's blitzing Mullet.

The river is coffee color & the fishing has been o.k. We took a nice fat Snook.

The Peacock fishing has been really good, 

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