September 17, 2018
Beach fishing has been o.k. We had some surf from Hurricane Florence. The Mullet run has been going pretty good in the river the past few day's. Over the weekend we put 6 Tarpon in the air all on yellow popper's. There's been Jack's of different size's blitzing in the channel. Peacock Bass fishing was pretty good despite the low & weedy water.



September 9, 2018
We've been only been on the beach the past few day's. Everyday it's been different bait from tiny Pilchards Big Pilchards  Glass Minnows to sardine's. Snook fishing has been pretty good last night we hooked a Tarpon but no match with 30 # shock.White/Olive & White/Chartreuse bait fish patternsin 4-5".

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September 5, 2018
The weather has been windy & has put a lot of weed a long the beachs. We hit the light's this morning with a strong out going tide & the fishing was awesome. Size 4 all white Schminnow's. When the sun came up we headed up river for top water Tarpon had a few eats but Trout sets dont work on them. Only landed a Lady.

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September 1, 2018
Still having easterly winds here & it looks like its going to stay this for another week. The problem is it brings in weeds & so we have some ruff surf along with dealing with the weeds. The good thing is there's plenty of Pilchards a long the beach will Snook on them. We've done pretty good with a white & olive wig hair Clouser about 3-4" long. Peacock fishing was pretty good as well.

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August 28, 2018
Before the easterly wind's started on friday afternoon the beach's were fishing great. We had blitzs of Snook on Pilchard's, Nothing big but great fishing. The past few day's we've been in the river chasing Snook & baby Tarpon on popper's. All yellow opper's have been what were throwing. Sunday we put 4 in the air & yesterday 2. Had some hook issues as the were opening. Dock light's have been fishing good as well. We will continue to fish the river until the wind changes direction.

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August 23, 2018
The beach's have been loaded with Glass Minnows & Pilchard's. We've had days with only Lady fish day's with Spainish Mackerel & this morning all Snook. Every day has been different. Fly's have been white/olive Clousers & white/olive wig hair bait fish patterns in 3-5".

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August 10, 2018
This week beach Snook fishing was ok, There's been lot's of bait a long the beach's Glass Minnows & Pilchard's. Spent a few morning's & got a few Snook but the fishing has been pretty slow. Dock light's have fished o.k.have only gotten small common & fat Snook. Seen some monster sitting on the bottom. We did manage to get a small Re yesterday morning.

 Peacock Bass fishing was good but the water is low & weedy.

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July 26, 2018
Offshore fishing continue's to be really good..Mostly False Albacore This week we had a lot of luck fishing a size 1/0 Clouser in Pink & Chartreuse. Beach's have been hit or miss with bait. Got into some small Snook & big Lady Fish.

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July 17, 2018
Had a good time at ICAST last week & it was good to see some old friend's from up North.
Offshore is still awesome with False Albcore Rainbow & Blue Runners. We dropped a really nice Dolphin today. There's been a lot of bait on the beach's with some decent size Jack's & Snook.

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July 11, 2018
The bait has finally showed on the beach's here & there's been small Jacks & Snook on them.Fished the  Dock light's Sunday night & there still pumping fresh water out so water is dirty. Fishing was pretty slow we got some small Snook & small Jacks. Offshore is still awesome Rainbow Runner's & Albies Shark's were't to bad. Lake was a little low but the Peacock fishing was good.

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